Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Principles of Right Action

While reading a description of the "meaning of the March 12st, 2008 full moon", I came upon a web page for Lisa Brown Miller, in which she writes about the idea of bringing our attention to living in alignment with "Right Action".

She reminds us that "it is important to fully experience how your actions affect the people in your life."

She then describes the PRINCIPLES of RIGHT ACTION as:

1. Seek justice with fairness and balance.

2. Embrace your differences without being attached to them.

3. Work to understand viewpoints other than your own.

4. Remember “the truth” is relative and based upon one’s perception.

5. Initiate compromise, the basic building block of all solutions.

6. When we give a little we get a lot. When we give a lot, we get more than we

7. Negotiation can always be the first and last response to conflict.

8. Violence is not a viable way to bring peace. Violence only begets more violence.

9. Insist on peace and non-violence.

10. When you cause pain and suffering to others, you destroy yourself in equal measure.

11. Say and do everything with love, compassion and respect is the only way to win.

I invite you to meditate on these principles of Right Action and incorporate them into your daily consciousness and practice them!


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