Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary Clinton for USA President

Okay, I'm doing it. I've been thinking about it for a few months now, and I'm getting on the bandwagon to support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America.

I have a lot of reasons why, and I ask you to please consider the importance of having someone in office who has a lot of experience with our government, who has been in the White House for 8 years, who is articulate, bold, and has integrity, and, yes, who is a woman.

I think one of the most important things to consider is that half of the people in this country are female.

That is a much more important minority to represent than any other group, in my opinion, if not based solely on the utilitarian argument (the greater good for the greatest number, etc..).

I think that there are symbolic, psychological, spiritual, energetic, legal, and practical reasons for wanting a female president.

Symbolically, Hillary stands for the voice of reason, experience, and wisdom. She also is a sort of Athena archetype, a natural leader, even a warrior, but not the warring, invading countries for oil kind. She stands for the inherent intuitive, instinctual, nurturing and guiding wisdom of the female archetype; something this country has never had, and desperately needs.

, Hilary represents a reuniting with the mother, the nurturer, the healer for our collective psyche that has too long been whipped and prodded under the austere hand of the patriarchal meme.

Spiritually, supporting and electing a qualified woman for President is a strong movement to merge the lost mother of creation. There is an insidious driving force in the background of the United States of America's designs and functions that are imbalanced toward the heavy yang expression of force, dominance, control, power over, and materialism.

With our Home, Planet Earth, falling out of balance in its ability to sustain us, as we continue to live in ways that are not sustainable, the female GAIA, Mother Earth, cries out for healing, protection, and restoration.

Aligning a female crusader to champion the cause of saving our HOME is a vital shift and commitment that we should take now.
When we affirm that a human female should lead us at this time of great crisis and change, the female spirit is recognized, represented, and honored.

Deciding to talk about, take action for, and commit consciously to electing Hilary Clinton for President of the USA, signifies an energetic shift in the collective consciousness of the entire country. As we allow ourselves to see that great healing and change is needed, we can recognize that opting for a different kind of leader is vital to this change.

The legal ramifications of a female president are such that great, necessary, and long overdue modifications to laws and policies about how females are treated, with regard to their rights, bodies, finances, and more.

The practical reasons for supporting and electing Hillary Clinton are that she brings to the presidency a new way of being that no president has ever had: that is, being a female.

While I'm all for electing a female for President, I do not want a female for President for the sake of having a female President.

The reason that I want Hillary Clinton to be our President is that she is extremely intelligent, well-spoken in her ability to construct a clear and logical argument when she speaks, articulate, eloquent, and astute. She picks up on what people are saying, she follows lines of reasoning, she takes it all in and seems to be processing, orienting, thinking. THINKING! A president that demonstrates thinking!? How about that for an idea!?

Hillary Clinton has the qualities of a true leader. She is not too proud, yet can be firm and aggressive, as needed.

And, very importantly, Hillary Clinton has the unique experience, differentiating herself from all other Presidential candidates in this election campaign, of having been IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR EIGHT YEARS. That is perhaps her single largest qualification. In this she has everyone else beat.
Think about all that she learned in those eight years, all she observed, witnessed, saw, and gained insight from.

Think about the strength of having a prior United States of America President as her confidant and moral support and guide, as she navigates the incredible duty and role as U.S. President!
This puts her in a very important position. The knowledge, wisdom, and experience she has about the Presidency is greater, deeper, and more tangible than any other person running.

With our country mired in economic crisis, tangled in bizarre and confusing military engagements in the Middle East, and facing the species greatest threat ever-GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE - now more than ever, we need a strong, qualified, and NEW type of President, who can help steer us on course, and get us back on our feet, strong, and solid, and heading in the right direction.

Please give this some serious consideration.
Thank you.
Leila Kincaid Hayes

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