Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Time to change how we live or we will die. As in species extinction.

How about changing the way we consume energy by using the SUN instead of coal and gas and poisonous, toxic, polluting substances?

I'm researching building and installing my own passive solar batch hot water heater. Read about it and do it, too. Please do!

Start thinking about the way you gift people and get gifts. Ask people to GO GREEN for your birthday or holiday gifts and do the same for them. Help them build a hot water heater or replace their light bulbs to compact flourescant.

Switch to using cloth napkins and bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store.

Try to buy things locally, instead of having them shipped in.

Organize to get your neighborhood, community, city to GO SOLAR. Arrange weekend projects to install solar panels that will feed your house and help your friends, family, and neighbors do so.

Let's think about this.

Thank you for considering changing your life for the good of all.

Earthkeeper Leila

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