Friday, October 10, 2008

A time for turning within

Ah, Fall comes, and I feel a deep turning within.

There is something about the air, the cool, crispness of it, that makes me consciously take more deep breaths than I do during the dry, hot Summers or warm and wet Springs.

There is something about the sky, the way the colors start to skew down into the Maxfield Parrish realm, as the Earth tilts away from the Sun, that makes me calm down and notice more.
I find I can just sit and stare. I can just be here and see the beauty that surrounds me.

October is my favorite month, leaning.

Fall is here and the leaves are falling off the trees outside my office window. I stop and stare at that miraculous moment of simplicity.
"It's true," I tell myself, I am that leave, turned deep brown and falling off the tree to merge with the earth.
I have been high and hanging out and blowing in the wind and clinging and now I am free!

It's true. That leaf is me.
And now I'm happily laying on the ground under a giant maple with sprawling craggy branches.

I'm going deep within. Now is the time for turning within.
I'll rest here for the fall until I decompose and transform again.
I'll break down all my components and morph once more into the heart of the earth and creep up to the core of the tree I once fell from.

And one day the essence that is me will flow, nutrient rich, up through the tree, and I'll sprout out there on that farthest branch. That one there, hanging out over the sea.

And I'll hang out there, listening, until it's time to fall again, and contemplate the Eternal Return.

October is my favorite month, leaving.

It's Fall again.

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