Monday, September 29, 2008

1000 Journals

I went to the Port Townsend Film Festival this weekend.
Set on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State, this hip waterfront town boasts views of the Cascade Mountains and the Puget Sound. It's pretty cool there. I loved it and want to go back.

While there, I saw a movie called 1000 Journals. It's a documentary about a dude in San Francisco, who goes by the title "Someguy". He has this idea that he has to send out 1000 blank journals into the world to see if they ever come back to him. He buys several journals at a time and puts his stamp inside them, and numbers each journal.

Andrea Kreuzhage, the movie's editor, director, creator, contacted Someguy and tracked down several of the journals and the people who had them in possession, all over the world...
The documentary follows the life of some of the journals and interviews the journal(ists?) /journal(ers?) about their experiences.

As a journaler of 20 plus years I found this to be an awesome, intriguing, inspiring story. I respect Someguy for starting this.
Now, with a book about it, a documentary, and an upcoming SFMoma interactive exhibit, Someguy has made quite a name for himself.. but.. what is his name?

If you see any movie this year, see 1000 Journals!!! Get the 1000 Journals book! Check out the 1000 Journals website! And.. be part of the new project, 1001 journals...
Or just write in and create your own.

I love that people have the need to express their experiences of reality. I love that we can share each others' expressions, and in that moment of being alone in our perceptions and expressions we can reach out and bridge some tangible gap between me and you, I and thou, self and other, us and them...

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Christine Marie said...

What a GREAT idea. I love it. The website in incredible...thanks for posting this.