Friday, June 27, 2008

Visionary Activism in Summer 2008

Who do we know who will go to hell and back to get us out of mortal trouble?
It must be you! It must be me! It must be everyone!

In this amazing and inspirational speech that has its pulse on exactly what we should be thinking about right now, Visionary Activist extraordinaire Caroline Casey offers some ingenious and must-have tools to put in our magic backpacks in her Summer Solstice Talk.

Caroline speaks in language flavored by myth and metaphor as she offers ways to deal with global warming, war, politics, conflict, and "being agents of cool, not caught up in reaction".

This talk is hosted by, a Pacifica radio station based in Berkeley, California. I have been listening to this radio station since I was a teenager and feel it is a vital connection to movers and shakers, dreamers and makers on our planet. Check it out!

I have known and been listening to Caroline Casey's wise and transformational words for over 10 years and find her to be my weekly mentor and muse. Pay heed to her words. You won't regret it.

Caroline's radio show, Visionary Activist, is on every Thursday at 2pm PST. Tune in live, or tune in later for a recording that is available via download or streaming audio media.

You can find out more about Caroline on her website, Coyote Network News.

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