Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giving Green

This season, show your love and appreciation for others by giving green.

Consider how gifts that you give impact the planet and its inhabitants (us).

-Buy or make recycled, reusable, carbon neutral gifts.

-Give the gift of compact flourescent light bulbs or a reusable grocery bag.

-Encourage others to be eco-conscious by getting them books or other items that teach them how to be green.

The World Wildlife Fund has a helpful list of tips for being green, as follows:

You can help stop global warming by taking these 10 steps to cut your yearly emissions of carbon dioxide by thousands of pounds.

1. Next time, buy a car that gets at least 30 miles per gallon (reduces carbon dioxide 2,500 pounds a year over a car that gets 10 mpg less.).
2. Where you can, choose an electric utility company that does not produce power from polluting sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission. (Enormous potential reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.)
3. Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescents. (Reduces emissions by 500 pounds per year light bulb.)
4. Replace worn-out home appliances with energy efficient models. (Reduces emissions by up to 3,000 pounds per year.)
5. Choose the best energy-saving models when you replace windows. (Reduces emissions up to 10,000 pounds per year.)
6. Wrap your water heater in an insulating jacket. (Reduces emissions up to 1,000 pounds per year.)
7. Install low-flow showerheads that use less water. (Reduces emissions up to 300 pounds per year.)
8. Ask your utility company for a home energy audit to pinpoint the biggest energy-wasters. (Potential reduction of thousands of pounds per year.)
9. Whenever possible, walk, bike, carpool or use mass transit. (Reduces emissions by 20 pounds for every gallon of gasoline used.)
10. Insulate walls and ceilings and save about 25% of home heating bills. (And reduce emissions by up to 2,000 pounds per year.)

-You can ask your power company to buy green energy for the energy you consume. This is a nice gift to give your home, household, and family.

Whatever gifts you do buy, please consider how they will affect our world, our planet, and the person you give them to.

Thank you!

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