Friday, October 19, 2007


I've started a new project through The Hub, for writers.
It seems very cool!

The idea of it is that you create a hub for a particular line of thought, a specific topic or theme, and publish it as a hub. One writer can have many hubs. Instead of one blog type space with multiple listings, you get to have tons of hubs that are kind of stand alone blog type entities.

I'll be publishing some of my writing through there, so stay tuned and please subscribe if you can.
Thank you!

Writing in Leilaland,


Darren said...

I will have to stop by and check out some new writings

Christine Marie said...

Great Blog. Already checked out your HUB. An interesting little twist on this whole writing thing, huh? Looking forward to seeing more...and will be adding your link to my pages at the next update...if that is ok?

Keep it light:-)