Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting off the Continent

For years, I've thought that I had to be off the continent proper of the United States, and here I am, moving to Bainbridge Island, Washington, in a few short days.

At first glance, this notion that I'd be off the continent indicated that I'd be in another country. But, I realized that, Bainbridge being an island, in a real sense, I am going to be living off the continent, on an island. And I felt a huge wave of relief, as if my inner compass has lead me home, to the right place. And all is well!

I look forward to being away from the smog, the noise, the lights, the concrete, the buildings, the constant moving around of consumers and development.

It will be a welcome reprieve to dwell near water again, amidst trees, and to experience clean air and silence, real silence.

I sense a gathering, there. I feel it's a time that I will recollect myself and refocus on my projects. There will be a lot of writing and coming together. Healing and taking aim at that which is most important.

It is good to feel aligned with what I want, with what I feel is right and good.

Yes, this is good.

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